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Every so often, we're going to roll out some new bit for one of our games ~ or heck, maybe an entire game! Most of them will be downloads; some of them will be articles. They will be linked to their appropriate content page, but they will also be archived here.

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7 April 2008

Yes, it's been a while. We know. Here are some accessory counters for the Warfighter series games for you.

Download Accessory Counters (2pg PDF)


7 August 2007

This week we finish off the OPORDs from Maneuver Warrior. This OPORD pack has all the available map combinations for the desert map sides in Maneuver Warrior, updated with the new map graphics.

Download Blank OPORD pack (MW Desert Maps)


31 July 2007

This week we've got the OPORDs from Maneuver Warrior. The OPORD pack has all the available map combinations for the green map sides in Maneuver Warrior, updated with the new maps.

Download Blank OPORD pack (MW GREEN Maps)


24 July 2007

Updating an older weekly freebie, we've got the OPORDs from The Guards updated with the new maps.

Download Blank OPORD pack (The Guards Maps)


7 October 2006

Marc gives us a nifty little tool to help keep track of counter stacks, without having them tumble all over each other during the game.

Counter stack tracker


11 September 2006

The continually-updating master grid of Warfighter series OPORDs can now be found here. We list which OPORDs oppose each other, and which maps are needed to play them. As we add other OPORDs, or alternate missions for existing OPORDs, we'll catalog them here.

view the master opord grid


20 June 2006

The last bonus download until after Origins! Another look inside Maneuver Warrior. Here's another map; like the last one, it's a geomorphic one that's compatible with The Guards.

download maneuver warrior preview map 2


13 June 2006

This was a one-week wonder! We had the Scouts Out! rules up for a limited-engagement preview, but the week's up now, so we're pulling it down. Want to see it again? Pick up Maneuver Warrior!

download scouts out! (link expireD ON 19 june)


6 June 2006

The first look inside Maneuver Warrior. Here's one of the maps; it's a geomorphic one that's compatible with The Guards.

download maneuver warrior preview map


29 May 2006

One common bit of feedback we get is the lethality of the Hit Table. The original Hit Table was based on experience from the Fort Irwin National Training Center (pre-GWOT...) Given some recent experience in the field, we've developed an Adjusted Hit Table for players looking for a less-lethal set of combat results. More stuns, fewer flips, and stuns are no longer added to become flips. Give it a try and let us know.

Download Adjusted hit table


22 May 2006

The Steel Battalion and the Blackhorse OPFOR are both racing toward Gröhlstadt. Who gets it? You decide... (requires W101:MTC to play).

Download steel jester (US mission)

Download Blackhorse slither (OPFOR mission)


15 May 2006

Back to Africa for another shootout between the Brits and the OPFOR. This one features the Brits on the offensive, too. See what happens when the tribal leadership allies with the Brits to take on the OPFOR. (requires both W101:MTC and W101:TG to play).

Download Guards defiant (British mission)

Download Blackhorse thunder (OPFOR mission)


8 May 2006

Operational terms & graphics - a laundry list of US Army acronyms, straight from the doctrinal manuals. We'll add more acronyms as people bring them to our attention, so if you see something we need, let us know.

doctrinal acronyms


4 May 2006 - unintentional midweek special...

Something different... This week, we transport the OPFOR to Africa to engage the Brits in a much more 'hot' conflict than what you find in The Guards. So, here's a scenario that you can try out. (requires both W101:MTC and W101:TG to play).

Download Guards Redoubt (British mission)

Download Blackhorse LIGHTNING (OPFOR mission)

And watch for another one down the line.



OK, it's nothing fancy, just some blank hex sheets, in PDF format, for your home printer. They're available numbered, or blank.

Download Blank Hex Sheet

Download Blank Hex Sheet with Numbers


24 April 2006

We're going for functional this week. Nothing sexy, just handy. The battle charts are one of the most-used pieces of the game, as references for orders of battle, as well as tracking the course of the game.

This week, we give you battle charts formatted to fit on legal-size paper, which gives you a few more turns on each page, while still fitting into your home printer. We also re-format the Movement to Contact charts to match the new standard.

So, here they are:

Extended battle charts for The Guards


Extended battle charts for Movement to Contact.


19 April 2006 - MIDWEEK EXTRA!

We're pulling an article our of the old, old archives for you. COL(R) Ken Guillory's treatise on MLRS was originally written for the old NextArmy website. While that site has been shut down, we've become the custodians of the files, and we are updating and formatting them to share with you. The first of these is MLRS for Dummies, by a former MLRS battalion commander. It does not have any impact whatsoever on gameplay, but it's pretty interesting, and we wanted to share. So enjoy!


17 April 2006

OK - we're running a little behind today, so the weekly update didn't make it up until after lunch. Blame it on the jelly beans...

The Americans are coming to Africa! That's right - this week's bonus files give you a mission with the Americans (from W101:MTC) facing off with the tribal warriors of our new set, W101:The Guards. The tribes are mobilizing their militia, and want to 'retake' their homeland. The Americans are caught short-handed with an assortment of light weapons and vehicles, and are trying to protect the local tribe in their villages. Can the Americans get their armor into the fight before they're overwhelmed by the tribes? Can the tribal fighters stake their claim to key villages and farmland? (requires both W101:MTC and W101:TG to play).

Download OPORD STEEL LION (US mission)



10 April 2006

A hefty download for you this week! In support of Warfighter 101: The Guards, we have a complete set of blank OPORDs - and when we say 'complete,' we mean it! Blank OPORD shells are here for every 2-map combination in the game. Yeah, we know, it's tough to put maps 2 & 3 together when they're back-to-back. Fear not! Check out the catalog, and you can pick up an extra set of maps. Each OPORD is a blank shell to write your own missions, with some blank lines to include particular victory conditions.

Download Blank OPORD pack


3 April 2006

First up, a nifty little reference card for the tabletop. It stands up like a tent, and has combat details on one side (including the hit table) and terrain and movement on the other. This card is also included in the new set Warfighter 101: The Guards.

Download reference card


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